ST. MARK'S SQUARE NURSERY SCHOOL offers an exciting, broad curriculum, which is holistic and consciousness-based.

The school is fully equipped with a selection of play and teaching materials for both indoor and outdoor play. School activities include: yoga and meditation, drawing and painting, cooking, handicrafts, modelling, collage, movement, music, violin and dance, sand and water play, and other educational and memory games. At the appropriate stage for the individual child, reading, literacy and numeracy will be introduced. (All aspects of the national curriculum are taught).

Children are always taught in small groups, allowing for individual attention. Our aim is to fit the school to the individual child and we are therefore eclectic in our choice of methods and teaching materials. Our methods and teaching materials include: Montessori, Fletcher, Nuffield and Breakthrough. An introduction to French takes place during and through play activities.

"We believe that children in the pre-school age group have a far greater desire and capacity to learn basic educational skills than has been generally acknowledged"
- Sheema Parsons, Headmistress

Children's Progress: Parents should feel free to discuss their child's progress with the Head Teacher or members of the school staff. At the end of term, an open day will afford the opportunity to discuss progress, meet other parents and the staff and discuss any problems which arise. The school aims to work in close and regular liaison with parents. A report of each child's progress is sent or given to the child's parents at the end of each term.

Ofsted report on the content of the education programme noted: "There are many organised opportunities when children can listen and talk to each other and to adults in small and large groups. During these occasions, children share information about home and their interests. The introduction of new vocabulary, combined with careful questioning by staff, encouraging them to extend their replies and practise new words. Children listen well to stories and sing songs enthusiastically."

"The role play area offers some opportunity for children to develop their own stories and link them to their own experiences and staff help to extend language, for example 'buying vegetables' from the shop."

"Mathematics language is embedded into everyday experiences with good opportunities for children to apply their knowledge…..the programme supports the use of number rhymes and stories to reinforce mathematical language and ideas.”

The programmes for knowledge and understanding of the world is sound and a strength of the nursery. Children have many informal and formal opportunities to talk about themselves and photographs show work on a tree of life. Local services: for example, police, fire service and dentist visit throughout the year. Staff take children on nature walks through the garden alongside the canal. Children are growing sunflowers in the garden and are observing and recording their growth."