Hamstead and Highgate Express

7 May 2004

Hamstead and Highgate Express

Top marks for yoga nursery

A Primrose Hill nursery, which offers art, violin, ballet, yoga and meditation sesssions for under fives, has been praised by watchdogs.

According to Ofsted inspectors, St Mark's Square Nursery, in St Marks gardens, a 3100 a year "consciousness-based" pre-school, thought to be the only one of its kind in the world, fostered "children's social and emotional development".

The 28-pupil nursery, which has boasted celebrity parents including Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher and actress Kate Winslet, scored highly in physical development.

"Children have a very good awareness of space. They gracefully move around the room, especially when doing activities such as yoga and ballet."

Founder and headteacher Sheema Parsons said: "It shows that a consciousness based school develops not just 'the three R's' but the whole child."

The report said that there were no significant weaknesses but there should be more information sharing between staff, parents and children.